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A few days ago the weather was disrespectful giving us 30-something degrees in NYC. I was extremely happy the sun came out on Sunday because I’m not mentally ready for parka season. Since I was photo-ready and the weather was nice, it was the perfect day to have some fall photography fun with my new Sony Alpha a6000.

Fall Photography Fun in the Park
Fall Photography Fun in the Park

Even though I initially wanted to take the Canon route, I purchased a Sony a3000 back in 2014 because I was a fairly new blogger and the price was right. I used it on all my trips in 2015, but it became too heavy for me to carry as I started packing less. The Samsung NX3300 I purchased last summer was much lighter and great for vlogging but as I held an interest in travel photography, it was too much to purchase new lenses for two different cameras. I eventually sold the Samsung and due to new models releasing, purchased a Sony Alpha a6000 bundle on sale. I even used Ebates to get some cash back on my purchase. The full kit included

Purchasing the bundle saved me a whole lot of money. Had I purchased everything separately, the total cost would’ve been well over $1000. Now that I’m down to 4 lenses (2 kits, a “nifty fifty” and the zoom lens) I definitely don’t need to buy more. In addition to vlogging, I will be using the a6000 for travel and my a3000 for photos and videos at home.

Check out the video created on Sunday photo funday in the park below

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