Beauty Essentials for the Office

Beauty Essentials for the Office

Living in NYC as a millennial blogger means at any given time there is SOMETHING going on after work. These include press events, planned and random meetups with friends, and (when I’m up to it) dates. Most days I don’t want to have time to go back home, so I keep a few beauty essentials in a makeup bag in my desk. If you wear little to no makeup to work and often have festivities after, here are some beauty essentials to keep in the office.

 Beauty Essentials for the Office


For going out or even keeping your hands moisturized throughout the day, lotion is definitely needed. Vaseline Intensive Care has great options for scented and unscented lotions designed to repair dry and cracked skin.

Facial Mist

Hydrate and brighten up your face by using a facial mist. I absolutely LOVE e.l.f Cosmetics’ Makeup Mist and Set. It contains ingredients like aloe, cucumber, green tea and is designed to keep the skin moisturized. If you regularly wear makeup to work, it literally makes it look like it was just applied. The price runs for about $3-4 too.


Make your eyes pop for any event/gathering by applying mascara. Lately, I’ve been using Maybelline’s Big Shot Mascara. You can purchase at any drug store (there’s one on just about every NYC corner) and it gives your lashes extreme volume.

Lipstick or Tinted Lip Balm

Make sure your lips pop with your favorite lipstick or tinted lip balm. I try to have a neutral or something funky available depending on the season or event. You can’t go wrong with MAC Ruby Woo. It is the perfect red lippie for all shades.


Bring even more attention to the eyes by wearing some eyeliner. Apply an eyeliner pencil on your water line or create a cat-eye look with a liquid or gel liner. Some favorites include:

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Beauty Essentials for the Office

Do you keep any beauty essentials at your job?

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