A few weeks ago, my sister niece and nephews joined me on a road trip to the Cheesesteak Festival in Philadelphia. The ride was especially exciting for me because it was my first time getting behind the wheel outside of NYC since getting my license back in March. My family and I are always taking road trips whether it be for the day, extended weekend or a family vacation. Below is a list of must-haves for us on any road trip.


Cookies, crackers, juices, candy or even fruits and veggies. Snacks are ALWAYS on deck. On our Philly trip, we brought along chips from a Doritos and Cheetos mix. Whenever snacks are involved, make sure you bring along hand sanitizer, wipes and/or paper towels to keep hands and mouths clean.



As mentioned, we’re a music loving family. Driving between states can be a hassle looking for a new station. Get your playlist ready. Most cars have satellite radio or the ability to read USB drives. You can also connect your phone or media player to play music.


On long drives like our family trip to Florida, some sort of entertainment is a must. Kids get bored easily. If you have a big family and renting for your road trip, get a minivan or SUV that can play movies. If they have games or toys, bring one or two favorites and a new toy along. iPad, video, and tablet games are also great ways to keep them entertained. Auto Electrical power inverters are great for charging phones, tablets and other electronics while on the road.

A Convenient Ride

We’ve used SUV’s minivans and most recently the Elantra GT. Always make sure to have a convenient ride when driving. If using your own car, check the battery, breaks, and tires. It’s always a good idea to have car emergency and first aid kits handy just in case.

What are some of your road trip essentials?

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    1. It’s SO funny because I had blanket initially, but we didn’t bring one to Philly so I didn’t have a pic. The kids were knocked out in the back though. lol

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