How To Minimize Your Hair and Beauty Product Junkie Stash

There’s no question that I am a hair and beauty product junkie, but I have gotten A LOT better. In all honesty, it was easy for me to become a natural hair product junkie because most of the natural hair products I receive and/or purchase work well for my hair. As a beauty product junkie, receiving new products excites me, but sometimes (like now) it gets a bit overwhelming.
With all the items in my hair and beauty product junkie stash, I’ve developed an easy way to minimize it, especially when I’m decluttering. If you’re struggling with getting rid of a never-ending pile of hair and beauty products, here are some easy ways to minimize your product junkie stash.

Throw Items in Your Hair and Beauty Product Junkie Stash Away

The first step to minimizing your hair an beauty product junkie stash is to throw them away. Just like our food, hair and beauty products have a shelf life. Most hair and beauty products have a 3-12 month shelf life after opening. We all know that natural hair and beauty products are NOT cheap so I do not encourage tossing out those $15+ purchased products because we’re no longer supporting a brand. Just don’t buy the product anymore. Here are some more logical reasons to throw away the items in your hair and beauty product junkie stash:

  • They have expired
  • Mold is starting to grow
  • The products have changed their color
  • They have a foul smell
  • Ingredients have separated

If you haven’t used a product in a year or two do you REALLY need it? Do yourself a favor by walking over to the trash can and throwing them away.

Give Away or Donate the Products in Your Stash

After throwing away those products from your stash, the next step to minimizing is to give away or donate them. If you have friends or family members that are natural or transitioning, put together a basket of the items as gifts for holidays, special occasions or “just because”. Since I have a big family, it is very easy to minimize my hair and beauty product junkie stash by giving them away for my sisters, nieces, friends, and extended family to use. You can also look for women or family shelters in your community to donate unused products.
Most big hair and beauty bloggers get PR boxes with a variety of hair and beauty products. As a makeup enthusiast, I have no use for 20+ foundation shades and not every brand works well for me, but there are options to give the items away as extended “thank you” to loyal followers. Partnering with a brand to host a giveaway brings awareness to the brand and sometimes brings an increase to your follow count depending on the type of giveaway you’re hosting.

Keep Items in Your Hair and Beauty Product Stash Organized

Having items in my hair and beauty product stash mixed up makes me confused and sometimes frustrated. This leads me to hold off on wash day or not wanting to do my makeup. I recommend organizing your product on shelves or storage containers. When it comes to hair products, I usually keep items used for washing separate from products used for styling.
You can also organize products in your hair or beauty product junkie stash by brand, type (lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters) or item for warm vs cooler months. In the long run, it lets you know what you’re running low in and it keeps your stash area in order. Keep this area organized and set aside until you’re ready to use.

Separate Products in use and Products in Storage

Out of all the steps given, separating items in your hair and beauty stash requires the most discipline. Take no more than two or three of each product type and use it UNTIL IT IS DONE. Since you already organized and put away your products, there’s no choice but to use the selected items because the others aren’t in sight.
As a content creator, of course, there are occasions when I HAVE to do a review or video with a new hair or beauty product, but I always circle back to this process when I’m done. My regular hair regimen changes when I straighten my hair, do a protective style for vacation or go swimming, but this basic method has been working well for me.
Are you looking for ways to minimize your natural hair or beauty product junkie stash? Try this method and let me know if it works for you.
How To Minimize Your Hair and Beauty Product Junkie Stash
What methods do you use to minimize your hair and beauty product junkie stash?

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