Must-Have Hair Tools for Natural Hair

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While having staple products for a standard wash day routine is great, having the best natural hair tools is needed to achieve the perfect hairstyle. If you’re a new or existing natural, here are some must-have hair tools for natural hair.

Satin Scarf, Bonnet or Pillow Case

Before figuring out what products work for your hair, you need to know how to keep it protected. Our hair is already prone to dryness and sleeping on cotton sheets and pillows without a satin material on your head will result in it soaking up the little moisture we have. Invest in a satin scarf or bonnet. If bonnets or scarves aren’t “cute enough” for the bedroom, invest in a silk or satin pillowcase.

Hair Pins

You can NEVER have enough hairpins as a natural. They can be used to tame flyaways, keep our ends protected in different styles or as an aide when washing to separate the hair into sections. I usually invest in a pack of 50-100. You’d be surprised how quickly they disappear. Remember to toss hairpins when the bulb tip is damaged or removed. The metal ends can easily get caught in our hair to cause breakage. It also irritates the scalp. A quick tip for saving hairpins, especially when traveling is to store them in a tictac container or zip lock bag.


There are at LEAST two combs every natural needs: a wide-tooth comb for detangling and general styling as well as a rat tail comb for parting. Seriously, how in the world are you going to detangle your hair using a fine-toothed comb? It’ll take forever! Wide tooth combs are a tremendous help in the detangling process after protective styling or for wash day. I recommend using it after finger detangling. You can also invest in a hair pick to add volume to styles like afros, twist-outs, braid-outs or rod styles.

Hair Clamps

Hair clamps and duckbill clips are a Godsend styling tool for naturals on wash day. While we don’t need them for sectioning off relaxers anymore, they’re useful during prepoo, washing, conditioning and pretty much during any styling session. If you haven’t invested in any, please do. It’ll save you a headache when you make that perfect part and have to do it over because your hair got in the way.

Spray Bottle

Spray bottles work well when your hair is dry before or during styling. To avoid breakage and tangles, you should style hair when it is moisturized with water or a leave-in. It is also is easier to manipulate in that state.

Applicator Bottles

Applicator bottles are good for applying oil for prepooing or doing scalp massages. They also come in handy when wearing protective styles like crochet braids, weaves or other types of extensions, mixing the shampoo with water to keep your scalp clean.

Conditioning Caps

Conditioning caps are great for deep conditioning, protein treatments, and color treated hair. You can use disposable conditioning caps, or get a reusable one like the Hothead Thermal conditioning cap.

Hair Steamer

Steaming natural hair is great for loosing tangled hair before styling and adding moisture. You can invest in a hand or tabletop steamer.

Detangling Brush

I always use a detangling brush after finger detangling to get rid of shed hair that I might’ve missed. Detangling brushes also help distribute product evenly through your hair when doing styles like a wash and go or applying a leave in.
Must-Have Hair Tools for Natural Hair
What are some of your must-have hair tools for natural hair?

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  1. Khloé Gee says:

    I’m a curly girl and I only have 1 of these 5 things…I’m slacking! Thanks for the list..I’m going to look into getting more things for my curls. I love my curls…I need to act like I do..
    Keep in touch,

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